757 SAE 40


Multipurpose 757 SAE 40 formulated for private vehicle needs as well as commercial vehicles and heavy duty diesel. This lubricant can maximize engine performance with high rotation.

Lubricants for All Types of Machine

DELTALUBE MULTIPURPOSE is designed to support every kind of engine performances, starting from private vehicles, commercial vehicles, and heavy-duty diesel with its formulation maintaining engine quality with the use of an additive that can prevent rust and sludge. Multipurpose 75 works best for diesel and gasoline vehicle, or even industrial machine such as; marine, aviation, and printing that have a high rotation. Every base used by Deltalube has met and surpasses standard API Service SJ/CF-4.


  • Works best for all type of private vehicle as well as commercial vehicles and heavy duty diesel.
  • High-quality base oil, longer drain interval, more economical
  • Optimizing protection with special additive that resists formation of rust, foam, carbon and sludge
  • Maximizing engine power with special needs.
  • Maintain engine cleanliness to reduce wear and provide comfort in driving.