Non-machine lubricants are lubricants that formulated to support engine performance so that it can provide comfort while driving. Non-machine Deltalube’s lubricants maintain durability for parts, breaking system, cooler system, and transmissions. Deltalube’s non-machine lubricants consist of 790 Vari-Purpose Gear Lubricant, 797 Super Brake Fluid, 306 Radiator Coolant, 799 Automatic Transmission Fluid, and 056 General Purpose Grease with each of its Advantages.
All of the Deltalube’s non-machine lubricants use special base oil and high-quality base oil, so that it has high resistance to water, high oil viscosity, and protects the engine from extreme heat, rust, and oxidation. The only thing that differentiates Deltalube’s product is its function and application for different machine’s part. Deltalube’s great oil endurance to oxidation will extend drain interval compared to other lubricants.

790 SAE 90

Gear Oil

Other 790 SAE 90 gear oil that has high resistance to water and is capable of reducing wear from any chemical reaction, as well as metal friction. Other 790 coating can protect direct contact between metals since the first rotation and it can prolong the gear life.


Automatic Transmission Fluid

Other 799 Automatic Transmission Fluid is transmission oil made from mineral oil with a high natural Viscosity Index and a special additive that prevents wear and corrosion.


Super Brake Fluid

Other 797 Super Brake Fluid is multipurpose brake fluid which specially designed for high-speed heavy vehicles and works best for these type of brakes: Disc, Drum, and ABS.


Super Brake Fluid DOT 3

DELTALUBE 797 Super Brake Fluid DOT 3 is a versatile brake oil specifically designed to not evaporate even under extreme high temperature conditions.


General Purpose Grease

Other 056 General Purpose Grease is a reliable grease to help overcome all the problems experienced by machines that work at high temperatures, powerful, and have high rotation.


Radiator Coolant

Other 306 Radiator Coolant is a lubricant for a cooling system that works by controlling the formation of rust and scale, as well as optimizing cooling system efficiency.


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