Super Hydraulic Oil

Deltalube 706 Super Hydraulic Oil is the result of the special development of hydraulic oil to meet the sophisticated hydraulic system requirements.

758 & 758 C

Cutting Oil

Oli Pemotong yang dapat larut – Cairan pemotong yang bebas nitrit dan bebas fenol, aman untuk digunakan dalam operasi pemotongan berkecepatan tinggi.


Refrigerator Oil

Deltalube 711 Universal Refrigerator Oil is a coolant for modern compressor machine that work at very low temperatures.


Heat Transfer Oil

Deltalube 760 Heat Transfer Oil is a heat conducting lubricant that can improve equipment efficiency as well as lower operating costs for factories such as Plastic Factory, Oil / Grease, Textile, Soap, Rubber, Drugs, and Chemicals.


Universal Oil

Deltalube 712 Universal Oil is multipurpose lubricants which is designed specifically to prevent the risk of misuse by following the development of current technology.


Vari Purpose Gear Lubricant

Deltalube 790 Vari-Purpose Gear Lubricant is gear oil that has high resistance to water and is capable of reducing wear from any chemical reaction, as well as metal friction. Other 790 coating can protect direct contact between metals since the first rotation, and it can prolong the gear life.

713 & 715

Air Compressor Oil

Deltalube 713 & 715 is a lubricant that maintains the performance of all types of compressor, including Screw Compressor, Rotary Compressor, Centrifugal Compressor, Reciprocating Compressor, Blower and Vacum Units.


Engine Oil SAE 15 w – 40

Deltalube Adventure Ultra 15W40 melengkapi kebutuhan mesin tangguh untuk menaklukan setiap rintangan. Dimaksimalkan untuk mesin diesel generasi modern dalam berbagai kondisi berkendara.


Spindle Oil Pelumas Tekstil

Deltalube 690 Textile Spindle Oil is the best lubricating oil for coils / spindles and yarns on textile machinery.