Super 731 SAE 20W50


Adventure 731 Super SAE 20W50 is formulated for private vehicles and heavy duty diesel. Its lubricants can maximize the performance of high rotation engine that works infinitely.

Constantly Treating Your Engine

DELTALUBE ADVENTURE is formulated with special additive to maintain durability and optimize high power engine in extreme conditions. Deltalube Adventure Super works best for modification engine to go through any hurdle without any problem. With drain interval of every 13.000 – 16.000 km, Deltalube prioritizes driving comfort in every condition. Every base used by Deltalube has met and surpassed standard SL/CF-4.


  • Maintaining engine performance in extreme conditions
  • High-quality base oil protects engine from extreme heat and maintains ideal temperature for longer endurance
  • Increasing oil tackiness to protect parts from friction and reduce wear
  • Optimizing protection with special additive that resists formation of rust, foam, carbon and sludge
  • Works best for modification engine with high power
  • Works best for gasoline based engine with heavy workload and heavy duty diesel
SAE Grade 20W50
Spesifikasi Gravity @15,6° C (ASTM D.1298) 0,8937
Viscosity @100° C, Cst (ASTM D.445 ) 16,75
Viscosity Index (ASTM D.2270) 120
Flash Point C.O.C °C (ASTM D.92) 220
Fire Point , °C ( ASTM D.92) -257
Ash Sulpated, % wt (ASTM D.874) 0,67
Copper Strip Corrosion Test (ASTM D.130) 1 A
Water Content (ASTM D.95) Trace
Total Base Number mg KOH/g (ASTM D.2896) 8,08
Foaming tendency (ASTM D.892)
5 / NIL

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