Drive Your Freedom

Deltalube is the product from TRKM Group which producing high-quality for any engine, start from automotive/retail needs to industrial. For over than 20 years, Deltalube has become the producer, distributor and marketer products which improve engine performance and giving unlimited driving freedom. With the current technology along the use of base oil which can maintain the machine quality, Deltalube is trusted by thousands distributor around more than ten big cities.

Automotive and Industrial Lubricants

Driving freedom always be Deltalube’s priority, it is proved from the various automotive lubricants which have adjusted with every machine needs and specification, such as the vehicle with new generation engine, automatic motorcycle, off-road car, modification vehicle, and commercial vehicle. At last, Deltalube’s customer would feel the tremendous driving experience. Deltalube also guarantees the quality of industrial machine lubricants, so that it can boost productivity and effectiveness by using the additive that has been adjusted for every engine needs.