757 Premium 10W40


Daily 757 Premium 10W40 provides driving freedom for gasoline based car and motorcycle in any conditions. It is designed to support dynamic engine performance for drivers with daily high activity.

Best Protection for Your Routine

DELTALUBE DAILY is specially formulated to support your routine with high-quality base oil to maintain your engine performance while driving. Deltalube uses a special additive that increases oil tackiness, and keep engine components from friction. Every base used by Deltalube has met and surpasses standard API Service SN for any gasoline based car and motorcycle.


  • Works best for all type of gasoline based car and motorcycle
  • High-quality base oil, longer drain interval, more economical
  • Stabilized the engine temperature so that suitable for any season
  • Optimizing protection with special additive that resists formation of rust, foam, carbon and sludge
  • Maintain engine cleanliness to reduce wear and provide comfort in driving

Test Result

Jenis Kendaraan Mobil Motor
SAE 10W – 40  10W – 40
API Service SN  SL
Kinematic Viscocity 40° C, cSt 98.02
Kinematic Viscosity 100° C, cSt 14.6  15.73
Viscosity Index 155  150
Viscosity at low temp.(CCS) 6324  6324
Viscosity at high temp.(HTHS) 4.47  4.47
Flash Point COC 216  216
Total Base Number 7.74  7.74
Sulfated Ash Content 0.81  0.81
Pour Point -28  -28
Metal Content
Ca 0.1810 %  0.1886 %
Zn 0.0850 %  0.1116 %
P 0.0670 %  0.0748 %
Foaming tendency/Stability
Seq. I Nil / Nil  Nil / Nil
Seq. II 10 / Nil  10 / Nil
Seq. III Nil / Nil  Nil / Nil
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