074 Multipurpose Grease


Multi Purpose Grease is synthetic lithium 12-hydroxy based grease. Because of its unique combination of properties, it is capable of replacing a wide variety of greases in both industrial and automotive application. Multi Purpose Grease adheres to metal surfaces with tenacious lubricating film that is up to four times stronger than other greases. This plating action makes Multi Purpose Grease highly resistant to moisture and washout. Multi Purpose provides excellent rust and corrosion protection. Multi Purpose Grease resists squeeze-out caused by pressure and excessive shock loading. Multi Purpose Grease reduces friction and lessen heat build-up which result in lenghthening the service life of bearings, bushings and sliding part. Multi Purpose Grease is an excellent lubricatings for both high and low temperature application. It will withstand temperature provide lubrication at temperature below 0°F ( HG ).



Multi Purpose Grease is recommended for a variety of general automotive and industrial application including auto and truck chassis, wheel bearing, boat trailer wheel bearing, open gear sets, marine general application, universal joint, centralized industrial grase system, open pillar blocks, irrigation pumps, general farm machinery, mobile contruction equipment and many other general lubricant uses where an NLGI grade No: 2 EP grease recommended.



  • Provides tenacious lubricating film on metal surfaces
  • Reduced friction and heat build-up lengthens bearing and bushing life
  • Resists water washout
  • Maintain pimpability at low temperatures ( HQ )
  • Eliminates need for several greases to do several jobs
NLGID – 2172
Type of Base SoapD – 128Lithium Complex
Appearance ( Texture )VisualStringy (Tacky)
Working Penetration at 60 strokes 1/10 mm 25⁰ CD – 217265 – 295
Mechanical Stability % of loss, maxD – 21715
Dropping Point ⁰C ( ⁰ F )D – 2265260⁰ C min. ( 500⁰ F)
Flushing at 80 ⁰ C of loss, maxD – 12645
Base Oil, Viscosity :
cSt@ 40⁰ CD-445115
cSt@ 100⁰ CD-44512.2
Oil Separation (blending) %, max.FTM791.36
Bearing Loss gr, max.D – 12636
Resistance Test to Rust & CorrosionD – 1743Pass
Stability to Oxidation 100 hrs. Psi,max.D-94215
Timken OK,Load,Lbs,Min.15
Additive typeIREP, R & O
Shell Roll Test, % Max. Change± 5
Wheel Bearing test, % Max. leakedD – 126310.0
Water ResistanceExcellent
Water Content, %Nil
Shear StabilityExcellent